Dashboards only give you a fraction of the insight that’s hidden in your data.

To grow more, you need to know more.

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Surface insights invisible to the eye

Business Health Monitoring

Dashboards and aggregate metrics hide what’s really going on in your business.

Falkon’s business health monitoring extracts opportunities and threats for your business growth and surfaces them to you on Slack and email.

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Act with confidence

Augmented Root Cause Analysis

By automating root cause analysis (following the same steps an analyst does) we can surface multiple hypotheses as to WHY your business health is changing.

All so you can turn insights into action with confidence, in a fraction of the time it would take to manually slice and dice data.

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Accurately measure the impact of your activities

Metric Hub

Teams should spend more time collaborating on moving the needle and less time debating the definitions of common metrics like Revenue, Conversion, and Daily Active Users.

We help solve the Garbage in → Garbage out problem with unified metrics that power your reports, business reviews, data science workflows and experimentation efforts.

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