For Analytics Teams
Bye bye manual slicing and dicing. Get answers to common Why questions fast in minutes, not days.
In less than 2 minutes.

You’re constantly putting out fires.

  • Answering questions like “Why is conversion rate down this week?”
  • Slicing and dicing data for weekly business reviews.
  • Writing reports & making decks.

Falkon amplifies analytics teams’ ability to detect undercurrents and trends in data, stay ahead of opportunities and risks, and provide rapid and actionable answers to stakeholder questions.

Sophisticated, configurable trend and anomaly detection automatically scans underlying segments of metrics for behavior hiding under the surface
Augmented root-cause analysis that dramatically speeds time to insight
Alerts through Slack, email, and more so you find out about potential problems as they are developing
Automated business reports with rich key driver analysis save hours in preparation for weekly and monthly business reviews
Centrally-managed, streamlined approach to metrics authorship and management so that business teams are confident about the quality of their dashboards