For Customer Success & Support Teams
Everything you need for data-driven customer success, support and rep team management.
In less than 2 minutes.

You’re constantly being surprised by

  • Account Health problems
  • Rep performance problems
  • Support ticket volumes
  • Customer onboarding delays

But it’s too late. Customers have already had a bad experience. NPS has already suffered.

Falkon provides monitoring and insights to help customer success and support teams see around corners and fix issues before they become problems i.e., Customer Churn.

Proactive goal tracking for customer success and support KPIs including rep performance
Early warning system for spikes and dips in rep performance, account health, and onboarding delays
Opportunity finder to proactively identify highest performing reps, fastest customer onboarding
Diagnostics to understand the root cause behind poor account health, dips in rep performance, and dissatisfactory support experiences