For Data Engineering Teams

What’s the cost of running the business with inconsistent and untrustworthy metrics?

Code is sacred. That’s why engineering teams use source control, peer reviews and maintain change histories. Metrics are sacred too. Without trustworthy metrics, we can’t assess the impact of our activities. Experimentation is more guesswork and less science.

With Falkon’s Metric Hub, data engineering teams can create a single source of truth for all important metrics, meaning teams can spend less time debugging metric definitions and more time collaborating and measuring the impact of their work.

Instant connection to any data warehouse where metric data lives
Version-controlled metrics repository that’s owned and controlled by you
Flexible backfill support
Seamless, code-based integration into modern data stacks
Metric data egress to your warehouse to power data science, experimentation and dashboarding applications
Time-series first representation of data
Adding dimensions to metrics is easy and iterative